Future of AI and COVID-19 Panel

Dr. Junling Hu

CEO, AIPro Camp

Dr. Junling Hu is the author of a new book titled The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence.. Dr. Hu has been an AI researcher, technology leader, and educator for the last 20 years. She is a recipient of National Science Foundation Career Award. She has worked as Director of data mining at Samsung, and managed AI teams at PayPal, eBay and Bosch. She has also worked as an Assistant Professor at University of Rochester. Currently she is the CEO of AIPro Camp LLC dba AIPro.io, an AI education company devoted to training and education about AI. Dr. Hu received a PhD in Computer Science from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and her research was focused on reinforcement learning. Her dissertation title was “Learning in Dynamic Non-cooperative Multiagent Systems” and led to many well-cited papers.

Dr. Xavier Amatriain

Co-founder and CTO, Curai

Xavier Amatriain (PhD) is co-founder/CTO of Curai, a startup using AI to scale the world’s best healthcare to every human being. Prior to this, he was VP of Engineering at Quora, and Research/Engineering Director at Netflix, where he led the team building the famous Netflix recommendation algorithms. Before going into leadership positions in industry, Xavier was a researcher in both academia and industry. With over 50 publications in different fields, Xavier is best known for his work on machine learning in general and recommender systems in particular. He has lectured at different universities both in the US and Spain and is frequently invited as a speaker and senior committee member at conferences.