Welcome to IEEE NFAI 2020:Artificial Intelligence, the New Era

Keeping up to speed, especially in Silicon Valley, is crucial for today’s engineers and scientists. Possessing adequate knowledge to make reasoned decisions regarding an emerging technology’s importance plays an essential role in professional career success. In today’s technology landscape, Artificial Intelligence is driving innovation in all industries. The New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (NFAI) conference is organized to provide engineers and scientists with an effective means to stay up to date with recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

AI is enabling a variety of applications such as voice and image recognition cost-effectively with low power. As such it is receiving a wide range of attention in public.However, it is highly debated among technical communities while commercial companies are rushing for business opportunities.

It will be paramount for the future of AI to cover a range of topics in hardware, algorithms and software to see where we can count on continued energy efficient computing and efficient software solutions to achieve the efficiency in the range of human brain in order to enable yet a wider range of intelligent systems and applications.

IEEE New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (NFAI) in Silicon Valley brings together industry and academic leaders in cutting-edge AI research and development to share with you the recent developments in both Hardware Infrastructure and Software Applications for AI. Come to hear what’s behind Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, as well as Neuromorphic Intel Processors, Qualcomm Cell Phone Snapdragon, and AMD GPUs. Join industry titans and academic experts, as they discuss the state of the art. Find out the current and future direction of the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence, both in the marketplace and research. Join like minded professionals, question the thought leaders and be prepared to network with incredible peers.The IEEE NFAI 2020 will cover a range of topics in AI Infrastructure, Future of AI Applications and COVID-19, and Entrepreneurship.


Vision and Mission Statement

Co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society (CS) Santa Clara Valley Chapter and IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Santa Clara Valley Chapter, the New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (NFAI) provides computer and engineering professionals with enough technical information on a developing field in AI to make informed decisions as to its role in their professional careers. 

The presenters are recognized leaders and experts from both the research in academia and the emerging application’s communities in industry. Each presentation provides the attendee with solid technical information regarding an important aspect of the emerging technology in Artificial Intelligence. 


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The IEEE Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Computational Intelligence Society Chapter is established with motto to spread knowledge and learn together in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Statistical Learning, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition.

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